Interactive Installation✨

Presented in Vanke-Huanglong, Hangzhou

Arduino, Physical computing,
Screen Printing, Hydroponic Water ReActive Ink, Laser Cut, Adobe Creative Suite

People often rely on their own experience to identify the truth, thus ignoring the difference between the world built by pure science and the one people would assume based on their experience. Therefore, the truth is often hidden under the guise of fragmented empirical knowledge. 

And for this reason, people are always looking for the truth, and those who stop by could witness the whole process.

Truth needs basis, study, experience, and knowledge.
The truth can't be identified overnight. People need to accumulate knowledge consistently to see it. However, most people tend to overlook this simple fact.

Everything that was triggered by the "Li Wenliang incident", return to this one", extract the last short article sent by Dr. Li Wenliang on social soft- ware as an introduction, keep it as it is, express condolences and respect at the same time, think Through the method of filtering and layering infor- mation fragments, the truth is hidden behind the truth of all fragments and behind the waterfall of experience.
People who only touch the surface will never get the final answer.

I screen printed his final article on five acrylic panels with Hydroponic Water ReActive Ink.The first acrylic board had only a few scattered words on it, the second board added a few more, and so on, with the fifth board being the complete article.


with water

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