Interactive Installation✨

Presented in Museum of Moving Image, New York

Touchdesigner, Adobe Creative Suite, Webcam

People believed that mirrors possess magical powers in various places around the world. Korean shamans used the mirror to divine the location of the lost item and to foresee the future events. People in China put bronze mirrors with engraved patterns on their doors to ward off evil spirits. Web cameras serve a similar role to that of mirrors. Web cams are now used to reflect ourselves and showcase our appearance in video chats. 

What if I tell you that web cameras, like mirrors, also possess a mystical power? What if the specific ritual could lead you to encounter wandering souls existing on the web?

This project is an imaginative mystical ritual using the web camera. Through this ritual, you get the chance to listen and see what the wandering spirits in the web are saying. Most of them will be the secrets that you never knew, or perhaps will never know.

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